Fluidity: Spin Cycle

Fluidity: Spin Cycle
System Nintendo 3DS (Download)
Developer Curve Studios
Genre Action / Puzzle
Series Fluidity Series

A wizard used the Rainbow Spirits to breathe life into a picture book. A dark magic called Goop infested the book out of jealousy, trapping the Rainbow Spirits inside. It's up to Eddy the Water Spirit to rescue the Rainbow Spirits.

Tilt the Nintendo 3DS to guide Eddy through each of the pages of the picturebook. In his water form, Eddy can squeeze through tight gaps, but is vulnerable to enemies. Transform into ice or water to fight the Goop and solve the many puzzles of the book.

Release Information

Region Name Download
Europe Hydroventure: Spin Cycle 13 Dec 2012
Japan ぐるっとスプラッシュ! Gurutto Splash! 19 Dec 2012
US Fluidity: Spin Cycle 27 Dec 2012