Mii Maker

Mii Maker
System Nintendo 3DS (Pre-Loaded)
Developer Nintendo
Genre Utility (Avatar Creator)

Create Mii characters for use in your Nintendo 3DS games. Miis are used in StreetPass and represent you in the Friends List.

You can create a Mii from scratch using the range of shapes and facial features available. Select a color, body shape and hairstyle, along with any additional accessories.

Alternatively, you can use the 3DS camera to take a photo of yourself, and the Mii Maker will create a Mii based on the photo.

You can then export photos of your Mii, as well as QR Codes that can be scanned with the camera to easily transfer your Mii to another 3DS.

Release Information

Region Name Release
Japan Miiスタジオ Mii Studio 26 Feb 2011
Europe Mii Maker 25 Mar 2011
US Mii Maker 27 Mar 2011