Paper Mario: Sticker Star

Paper Mario: Sticker Star
System Nintendo 3DS
Developer Intelligent Systems
Genre RPG
Series Super Mario Series

It's the annual Sticker Fest in Decalburg, when a Sticker Comet is due to fall from the sky. As usual, Bowser appears, accidentally breaking the comet and scattering it across the land. Mario teams up with a crown named Kersti to find all of the Royal Stickers. Only then can he restore the comet and stop Bowser's rampage.

As you walk around the world, you can collect stickers, scrunched-up scraps and 3D objects. These can open new paths or be used in battle with Bowser's minions. You can also use Kersti's Paperize ability to turn the world into a stickerbook, using your collected stickers to reveal secrets.

Release Information

Region Name Game Card Download
US Paper Mario: Sticker Star 11 Nov 2012 11 Nov 2012
Japan ペーパーマリオ スーパーシール Paper Mario: Super Seal 06 Dec 2012 06 Dec 2012
Europe Paper Mario: Sticker Star 07 Dec 2012 07 Dec 2012