StreetPass: Mii Plaza

StreetPass: Mii Plaza
System Nintendo 3DS (Pre-Loaded)
Developer Nintendo
Genre Minigames

When you have StreetPass activated, you can receive Miis from other people, and they join you at the Mii Plaza, where they can help you complete the games available.

For the puzzles, each Mii brings you a fragment of a piece of artwork from a Nintendo game. Collect as many Miis as you can to complete the pictures.

In StreetPass Quest, you have been locked in a cage, and the Miis you collect can be used to fight enemies for you in an RPG setting. Either select Attack or Magic to defeat the enemies in each stage. Once you have used a Mii, you have to collect another to continue the quest.

Release Information

Region Name Release
Japan すれちがいMii広場 Surechigai Mii Hiroba 26 Feb 2011
Europe StreetPass: Mii Plaza 25 Mar 2011
US StreetPass: Mii Plaza 27 Mar 2011


Puzzle Swap

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In Puzzle Swap, you collect pieces of a puzzle by spending Play Coins or meeting people through StreetPass. Each puzzle shows artwork from a Nintendo game and, once complete, become 3D animated models.

Submitted by Da Robot, Leon, Fryguy64

Mii Quest Hats

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After clearing certain rooms in Mii Quest, you can unlock hats for your Mii to wear in the Mii Maker. Many of them are cameos:

  • Room 01: Mario Hat

    Mario's red cap with M emblem from the Mario series.

  • Room 06: Red Pikmin Hat

    A red hood with a Pikmin leaf sprouting from the top, from the Pikmin series.

  • Room 07: Kirby Hat

    A Kirby design hat that makes it look as if Kirby is sitting on the Mii's head, from the Kirby series.

  • Room 08: Link Hat

    Young (Toon) Link's green hat and hair, from The Legend of Zelda series.

  • Room 12: Samus Hat

    Samus Aran's Power Suit helmet, from the Metroid series.

After you have beaten the game once, start the game a second time and you will earn even more hats:

  • Room 01: Luigi Hat

    Luigi's green cap with L emblem from the Mario series.

  • Room 04: Blue Pikmin Hat

    A blue hood with a Pikmin bud sprouting from the top, from the Pikmin series.

  • Room 08: Bowser Hat

    A Bowser design hood, with the Mii looking out through Bowser's mouth, from the Mario series.

  • Room 10: Toad Hat

    Toad's white with red spots mushroom cap, from the Mario series.

  • Room 11: Yellow Pikmin Hat

    A yellow hood with a Pikmin flower sprouting from the top, from the Pikmin series.

  • Room 12: Metroid Hat

    A Metroid design hat that looks like it's attached to the Mii's head, from the Metroid series.

Submitted by Da Robot, Leon

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