System Nintendo 3DS (Download)
Developer Nintendo
Genre Messaging Utility

A messaging service on the 3DS. Write and draw your messages using limited 2D and 3D ink on up to four pages. Send your messages to anybody on your 3DS Friend List.

Send messages or spend Play Coins to unlock more message options. You can set different kinds of stationery, attach 3D photos taken with the Nintendo 3DS Camera or short sound recordings from Nintendo 3DS Sound. Set a timer on messages so they can't be opened before a certain date.

You are assisted by Nikki, a Mii who tells you about all the new features as they are unlocked.

Release Information

Region Name Download
Japan いつの間に交換日記 Itsunomani Kōkan Nikki 21 Dec 2011
US Swapnote 22 Dec 2011
Europe Nintendo Letter Box 22 Dec 2011