Donkey Kong 3

Donkey Kong 3
System Arcade
Developer Nintendo
Genre Shooting
Series Donkey Kong Series

Donkey Kong is causing mischief in Stanley's greenhouse. He has woken up all the bees and other insects, and now they're trying to steal Stanley's flowers. Armed with a can of bug spray, Stanley must protect his flowers and chase away Donkey Kong.

Stanley can run around on the platforms at the bottom of the screen, shooting his bug spray to clear away the insects as they fly down the screen towards his flowers. Any flowers that remain after three levels reward you with bonus points.

If Donkey Kong drops down from his vines then you lose a life. Shoot him repeatedly to push him off the top of the screen and move on to the next round. He may also knock down a can of Super Spray that will make Stanley more powerful.

Release Information

Name Release
Donkey Kong 3 ドンキーコング3 1984

Ports & Remakes

NES Donkey Kong 3