Radar Scope

Radar Scope
System Arcade
Developer Nintendo
Genre Shooting

The Gamma Raiders are attacking the Earth. As captain of one of Earth's spaceports, you must destroy the waves of enemy ships as they approach.

The Gamma Raider ships wait at the top of the screen, and you can only hit the bottom row when they move close to the "radar" area. Enemy craft sweep across the field, shooting green bolts at you, then retreat back to the group, during which time you can hit them with your weapons. As you clear Gamma Raiders, they swoop down in greater numbers, and damaged craft will try and crash into your gun.

One game's failure is another's sucess. This arcade shooter was released into a market flooded with shooters, forcing Nintendo of America to appeal to Japan for a unique game to keep them afloat. The game that replaced it was the ground-breaking Donkey Kong.

Release Information

Name Release
Radar Scope レーダースコープ 1980