System Arcade
Developer Nintendo
Genre Shooting
Series Space Fever Series

The aliens from Space Fever are attacking Earth, only this time new, giant alien species have arrived. Shooting the aliens this time will either destroy them or split them into two smaller aliens.

The alien forces move back and forth across the screen, dropping closer to Earth when they reach the edge. As you clear them, the remaining aliens will get faster and fire more shots. Use the shields to protect yourself from enemy fire.

Destroy all the aliens before they reach the bottom in order to move on to the next round.

Release Information

Name Release
SF-HiSplitter SFハイスプリッター 1979

Game Modes

Game A

The aliens all move in the same direction, and when they reach the edge of the screen they will either move up or down.

Game B

When the single column of invaders reaches the side of the screen it will be joined by another column.

Game C

The aliens move together, descending whenever they reach the edge of the screen.