Super Punch-Out!!

Super Punch-Out!!
System Arcade
Developer Nintendo
Genre Boxing
Series Punch-Out!! Series

Follow up to the successful boxing game, Punch-Out!! The basic gameplay is identical to the original, but you have all new WVBA boxers to face off against for the coveted champion's belt.

The boxers in this version are bigger and stronger than those in the previous game, but you use similar methods to fight them. Skip left and right to avoid attacks, and punch with a left or right hook (face or gut) to weaken them.

Release Information

Name Release
Super Punch-Out!! スーパーパンチアウト!! 1985


Mario & Donkey Kong Characters

Screenshot Required

Many of the graphics from Punch-Out!! were recycled for this sequel. This included the backgrounds that featured guest appearances by Mario, Luigi, Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong Junior.

Submitted by Fryguy64

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