VS. Ice Climber

VS. Ice Climber
System Arcade
Developer Nintendo
Genre Platformer
Series Ice Climber Series

The arcade version of Ice Climber features 24 new mountains to climb, as well as several new features:

  • A new stage select shows which stages have been cleared. Stages cleared by grabbing the Condor are displayed with Popo, while stages cleared by reaching the bonus area only are displayed with a Topi.
  • A new Bee enemy appears that flies horizontally across the screen. This has been replaced with a Nitpicker in the Disk System version.
  • Windy stages constantly push Popo or Nana.
  • When you break some platforms you will find a Bonus Multiplier item. If you clear the stage with it, then your score will be doubled.

Release Information

Name Release
VS. Ice Climber VSアイスクライマー 1985

Ports & Remakes

NES Ice Climber (Disk Version)