Color TV-Game 6

Color TV-Game 6
System Color TV-Game
Developer Nintendo
Genre Light Tennis

Color TV-Game 6 is Nintendo's first home videogame system, featuring three variations of 'Light Tennis' (aka. Pong): Volleyball, Tennis and Hockey, each playable in either singles or doubles mode.

The system has dials built into it, which 2 players use to control the paddles on screen. The aim is to keep the ball away from your edge of the screen by moving the paddle into its path. If the ball hits your opponent's edge of the screen, you score a point.

In Volleyball, there is a "net" across the middle of the play area that can change the ball's trajectory. Tennis is a standard Pong clone where there are no obstacles in your path. In Hockey, the walls wrap around behind the paddle, making the goal area much smaller, and so difficult to score. In Doubles mode, you play the same game, but with two paddles on each side. You can also change the paddle size and ball speed using various switches.

Release Information

Region Name Release
Japan カラー テレビゲーム6 Color TV-Game 6 1977

Ports & Remakes

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