Computer TV-Game

Computer TV-Game
System Color TV-Game
Developer Nintendo
Genre Tabletop Game

The final game in the Color TV-Game series was based on one of Nintendo's first arcade titles, Computer Othello. The aim is to place your pieces on a board to trap the opponent's pieces, turning the trapped pieces into your own. The winner is the player with the most pieces on the board when no more pieces can be placed.

As with the arcade game, Nintendo didn't use the traditional black and white pieces, but relied on different shapes to represent the pieces in the game.

The game also featured an advanced CPU, allowing the player to challenge the computer. Due to this, the system came with a significantly higher price than the other Color TV-Game systems, aimed for specialist markets and older players. As a result, the system is now a collector's item in Japan.

Release Information

Region Name Release
Japan コンピューターテレビゲーム Computer TV-Game 1980

Ports & Remakes

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