System Nintendo DS
Developer Nintendo, indieszero
Genre Rhythm Action
Series Electroplankton Series

Japanese multimedia artist Toshio Iwai designed this bizarre musical experience for the Nintendo DS. You touch the tiny plankton to create harmonious tunes and, depending on the plankton, the kind of music you make will also change.

There are a number of different "plankton" game modes, each with their own musical experience. One of these includes recording sounds with the microphone and having them played back to you in different ways to music.

The US release was limited to online retailers and the Nintendo World store in New York. The Japanese release came packaged with a set of headphones.

Release Information

Region Name Release
Japan エレクトロプランクトン Electroplankton 07 Apr 2005
US Electroplankton 09 Jan 2006
Europe Electroplankton 07 Jul 2006

Also available to play in:

DSiWare Electroplankton (Series)



Screenshot Required

When you select Beatnes, it starts by playing the Famicom Disk System "Disk Loading" fanfare before playing a song from an NES game on an endless loop. Press the SELECT button to cycle through the different sets of sounds.

Super Mario Bros.

  • BGM: Starman theme
  • SFX: Coin, Jump, 1UP, Grow, Shrink, Kick, Skid, Fireball, Swim, Miss

Kid Icarus

  • BGM: Background beat to the Underworld theme
  • SFX: Various sound effects from the Famicom Disk System version

Various NES Titles

R.O.B. Series

Submitted by Aquatics64, YoungLink, Da Robot, Fryguy64

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