Elite Beat Agents

Elite Beat Agents
System Nintendo DS
Developer Inis
Genre Rhythm-Action
Series Ōendan / Elite Beat Agents Series

If you're going through problems and feel you can't cope, the Elite Beat Agents arrive to cheer you on with their rhythmic singing and dancing.

Based on the Japanese Hey! Fight! Ouendan, but redeveloped for a Western audience, you have to hit the beat markers on the touch screen to the rhythm of the music. The story of a person's problems plays out on the top screen.

If you do well, the bar at the top of the screen fills up and the story progresses. Perform badly, and the bar will empty, ending your game. At the end of the song you get a ranking.

Release Information

Region Name Release
US Elite Beat Agents 06 Nov 2006
Europe Elite Beat Agents 13 Jul 2007


Romancing Meowzilla

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The "Romancing Meowzilla" stage features guest appearances from a number of characters from its predecessor Hey! Fight! Ouendan.

  • The cat (Meowzilla) first appeared in Hey! Fight! Ouendan
  • The male star is the love interest from the former game's secretary stage
  • A segment of the Super Mario Bros. theme plays during the opening cutscene

Submitted by thores, Phil Bond

TV Reporter

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The television reporter from Hey! Fight! Ouendan appears during the beauty pageant multiplayer stage of Elite Beat Agents.

Submitted by thores

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