Kanji Sonomama: DS Rakubiki Jiten

Kanji Sonomama: DS Rakubiki Jiten
System Nintendo DS
Developer Nintendo, Intelligent Systems
Genre Utility: Dictionary

A dictionary for all of the Japanese Kanji. You can enter Kanji using the stylus to search for them, or browse the dictionaries using a number of criteria.

You can also take a series of tests to improve your Kanji knowledge.

Release Information

Region Name Release
Japan 漢字そのまま DS楽引辞典 Kanji Sonomama: DS Rakubiki Jiten 13 Apr 2006


Game & Watch Games

Screenshot Required

If you look up certain words in the Universal Dictionary then you can play several original Game & Watch games, including Manhole, Flagman, Judge and Ball.

Submitted by YoungLink, Fryguy64

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