Kirby: Mass Attack

Kirby: Mass Attack
System Nintendo DS
Developer HAL Laboratory
Genre Platformer
Series Kirby Series

One day, while exploring the Popopo Islands, Kirby was attacked by Necrodeus, leader of the Skull Gang. Using his magic staff, Kirby was split into 10 copies of himself, then defeated all but one of them. Kirby follows his own Heart Star on a quest across the islands to defeat Necrodeus.

Use the stylus to control the Heart Star and Kirby will follow. Eat fruit to create up to 10 copies of Kirby that work together. Enemies and puzzles are easier to defeat with multiple Kirbies. If a Kirby takes too much damage it starts to float away. Lose all your Kirbies and you lose a life.

Collect medals by finding keys and treasure chests to unlock a huge selection of bonus games.

Release Information

Region Name Release
Japan あつめて!カービィ Atsumete! Kirby 04 Aug 2011
US Kirby: Mass Attack 19 Sep 2011
Europe Kirby: Mass Attack 28 Oct 2011


System Japan U.S. Europe
Wii U Virtual Console 02 Mar 2016 - 03 Dec 2015