Make 10: A Journey of Numbers

Make 10: A Journey of Numbers
System Nintendo DS
Developer Muu Muu
Genre Puzzle / Adventure

Coming across a book full of numbers, you fall asleep and are whisked away to Numberland by a pair of pixies. The king of the land requests that you help find the Make 10 Masters.

The games you play in this land require you to make multiples of 10. New paths across the land will open up as you find Make 10 Masters.

The Masters can be found by solving puzzles as you cross the Trial Mountains. The different games become more difficult as you progress.

Release Information

Region Name Release
Japan タシテン たして10にする物語 TashiTen: Tashite 10 Nisuru Monogatari 10 Oct 2007
Europe Make 10: A Journey of Numbers 26 Sep 2008