Mario Party DS

Mario Party DS
System Nintendo DS
Developer Hudson Soft
Genre Board Game / Minigames
Series Super Mario Series

Five Sky Crystals fall to the Mushroom Kingdom and Mario finds one. He and his friends are invited to Bowser's Castle for a feast, but it was a trap. Bowser steals Mario's Sky Crystal and uses his Minimizer to shrink the heroes and send them far away so he can find the other four Crystals.

Now Mario and friends must travel across the four game boards by rolling a dice and finding Coins and Stars. There are 74 minigames to play, including boss battles where you can win Sky Crystals.

You can play with up to four players with local wireless single-cart multiplayer.

Release Information

Region Name Release
Japan マリオパーティDS Mario Party DS 08 Nov 2007
US Mario Party DS 19 Nov 2007
Europe Mario Party DS 23 Nov 2007