Pokémon: Black & White Version

Pokémon: Black & White Version
System Nintendo DS
Developer Game Freak
Genre RPG
Series Pokémon Series

Set out across the Unova region to catch over 150 new Pokémon, battle Pokémon Trainers and earn badges from Gym Leaders so you can become the Pokémon Champion.

You will face Team Plasma, dedicated to freeing all of the Pokémon in the world from their "captors", but for their own nefarious purposes.

The games introduce Triple and Rotation Battles, monthly seasons that change the landscape and Pokémon found there, and a huge variety of online modes. As well as trading and battling, you can visit a friend's game using Entralink and complete missions, or the Xtranceiver, allowing for live videochat for players using a Nintendo DSi.

Release Information

Region Name Black White
Japan ポケットモンスター ブラック・ホワイト Pocket Monsters Black / White 18 Sep 2010 18 Sep 2010
Europe Pokémon: Black Version / White Version 04 Mar 2011 04 Mar 2011
US Pokémon: Black Version / White Version 06 Mar 2011 06 Mar 2011