Pokémon Dash

Pokémon Dash
System Nintendo DS
Developer Ambrella
Genre Racing
Series Pokémon Series

Take control of Pikachu as you race against other Pokémon, hitting all of the checkpoints in order. Pikachu runs in the direction you scrub the stylus, across road, grass and snow.

Find speed pads to cross forests and deserts, ride Lapras across the oceans, and launch yourself into the sky by collecting balloons. Each 'Cup' takes place on the same map, but the checkpoints move and increase in number for each race.

Up to six players can take part in wireless multiplayer races.

Release Information

Region Name Release
Japan ポケモンダッシュ Pokémon Dash 02 Dec 2004
Europe Pokémon Dash 11 Mar 2005
US Pokémon Dash 14 Mar 2005