Slide Adventure MAGKID

Slide Adventure MAGKID
System Nintendo DS
Developer Agenda
Genre Action

Released with the Slide Controller, you move the MagKid around on the desktop by physically sliding the Nintendo DS.

A lightning storm has brought the toy Great Robo to life, as well as a magnet called MagKid. The Great Robo also broke apart, with his limbs scattered across the house. It's up to MagKid to explore the house and return the Great Robo's parts, but some other unsavoury creature also sprang to life during the storm.

Using MagKid's magnetic field, he can attach himself to certain enemies and add them to his body, giving him special powers. Using them, he can access new areas of the house.

Release Information

Region Name Release
Japan スライドアドベンチャー マグキッド Slide Adventure MAGKID 02 Aug 2007