Soma Bringer

Soma Bringer
System Nintendo DS
Developer Monolith Soft
Genre Action / RPG

A magical energy source known as Soma keeps the world running, but the natural balance has been disrupted by the arrival of the "Visitors". The organisation that regulates Soma, the Secundadeians, put together a military force, the Pharzuph, to investigate.

The young but promising Welt is hand-picked to join the 7th Pharzuph Division by commanding officer Einsatz, starting an investigation into the disruption of the Soma that could have consequences for the whole world.

Your party consists of three members split into seven classes. Earn Ability Points and Character Points by fighting Visitors, improving each character's weapon and magic specialities.

Release Information

Region Name Release
Japan ソーマブリンガー Soma Bringer 28 Feb 2008