System Nintendo DS (DSiWare)
Developer Q-Games
Genre Action / Shooting
Series X Series

You are the pilot of the VIXIV, the powerful space tank last seen during the events of X. Upon returning home, you discover your former general and advisor has gone power-mad and the entire planetary system is in under his tyrannical rule.

Travel from planet to planet, completing missions by destroying enemies and collecting Power Crystals. You can activate Warp Gates on planets, allowing you to travel through Tunnels to other planets. Only once you are strong enough will you be able to face the general and save the galaxy.

Release Information

Region Name Release
US X-Scape 31 May 2010
Japan X-RETURNS 30 Jun 2010
Europe 3D Space Tank 16 Jul 2010


Kazumi Totaka's Song

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Kazumi Totaka returned to compose the music for this sequel to X, and as usual he hid his secret signature tune in the game. It is even found in a similar place to its appearance in X.

Save the fake doctor from planet Mapate and bring him to the base on Mordarl. Talk to your robot until it asks "What's that?!" The music will change to a weird distorted tune. Wait on this screen for 3 minutes and Kazumi Totaka's Song will play.

For all appearances of the song, see the Kazumi Totaka's Song Guide.

Submitted by Da Robot, Wildcat, Pyro873, original discovery by Shiroyu

G-Zero Grand Prix

Screenshot Required

On the planets Dalde-Dalde and Menfarb, you can take part in races. If you win, your support robot says:

"Once you retire, why don’t you try out the G-ZERO Grand Prix?"

This is a reference to the F-Zero racing series. It may also be of interest that a Virtual Boy game named G-Zero was in development, and a similar reference was made to G-Zero in Star Fox Command, which was also developed by Q-Games.

Submitted by Korre, Parrothead, The Qu

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