Yakuman DS

Yakuman DS
System Nintendo DS
Developer Nintendo
Genre Mahjong
Series Mahjong Series

A mahjong game for the Nintendo DS. Mario and friends have to arrange a winning hand of Mahjong tiles into suits that will beat those of the other three players.

Lakitu provides a full tutorial for beginners and a Mahjong dictionary is available to guide you through terms you do not understand.

You earn a ranking as you beat games that lets you climb up the ranks and face tougher opponents. The game lets you know when other DS users are within range and allows you to wirelessly transfer the game to play with up to four other players.

Release Information

Region Name Release
Japan 役満DS Yakuman DS 31 Mar 2005

Wi-Fi Version

A remake of Yakuman DS was sold in 2006 with added 4-player Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection functionality.

Region Name Release
Japan Wi-Fi対応 役満DS Wi-Fi Taiō: Yakuman DS 14 Sep 2006