Balloon Kid

Balloon Kid
System Game Boy
Developer Nintendo
Genre 2D Platformer
Series Balloon Fight Series

An adventure based on NES classic Balloon Fight. Alice's little brother Jim has accidentally taken flight thanks to holding too many balloons. Alice must grab her own balloons and give chase.

Alice has two balloons to fly around with, and she can drop and reinflate them as needed in order to navigate the scrolling stages. If an enemy hits your balloons then one will burst and you will be harder to control in the air. If both burst then Alice drops down, and if she isn't above safe ground then she will lose a life.

You can also take part in a Balloon Trip mode or a 2-Player race against Alice's rival Sam.

Release Information

Region Name Release
US Balloon Kid Oct 1990
Europe Balloon Kid 1991


System Japan U.S. Europe
Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console - 03 Nov 2011 26 Jan 2012

Balloon Fight GB (Game Boy Color)

Balloon Fight GB

Balloon Kid wasn't released in Japan on the original Game Boy, but nearly 10 years after its U.S. release, it received a Game Boy Color overhaul and was released exclusively through the Nintendo Power download service. As well as the color graphics, the game was given a new title screen, menu and map.

Release Info

Region Name Release
Japan バルーンファイトGB Balloon Fight GB 31 Jul 2000


System Japan U.S. Europe
Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console 19 Oct 2011 - -

Hello Kitty World

Hello Kitty World

Ported and published by Character Soft in Japan, Hello Kitty World is a Famicom port of Balloon Kid starring the Hello Kitty character. Aside from the main characters and colorization, the gameplay, graphics and music are the same as in the Game Boy version.


Game Boy

Screenshot Required

The entrances to the bonus rooms in the game are large Game Boys.

Submitted by Danipepino

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