Donkey Kong Country

Donkey Kong Country (Game Boy Color)
System Game Boy Color
Developer Rare
Genre Platformer
Series Donkey Kong Series

Six years after the release of Donkey Kong Country, Rare's Game Boy team ported the title to the Game Boy Color. The game contains all of the levels of the original, plus one level that was cut from the original game (Necky's Nutmare). There are also Sticker Pads hidden in each level that unlock artwork that can be printed using the Game Boy Printer.

Your progress is saved after each stage and Candy Kong's role has changed to issuing you with minigame challenges, such as Funky Fishing and shooting game Crosshair Cranky.

Release Information

Region Name Release
Europe Donkey Kong Country 16 Nov 2000
US Donkey Kong Country 23 Nov 2000
Japan ドンキーコング2001 Donkey Kong 2001 21 Jan 2001


Cranky's Cabin

Screenshot Required

When you visit Cranky Kong, he occasionally mentions the Game & Watch.

Submitted by Fryguy64

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