Kaijin Zona

Kaijin Zona
System Game Boy Color
Developer Nintendo
Genre Adventure / Quiz

Adventure game based on the Phantom Zona TV series by TV Tokyo. You transfer to a school where Puzzle Riddles are all the rage. When you reach the school you meet Phantom Zona who informs you that the school is actually the base of a secret underground gang who fight with Puzzle Riddles, and the headteacher is their boss.

You face character who give you riddles. Enter the answer using the on-screen keyboard. Answer correctly to hurt your opponent and then issue a riddle of your own.

By pointing the Game Boy Color at any infra-red emitting device, you can create new Puzzle Riddles. Link Up with other players to trade Puzzle Riddles and battle.

Release Information

Region Name Release
Japan 怪人ゾナー Kaijin Zona 21 Oct 2000