System Game Boy
Developer Nintendo, Taito
Genre Action / Puzzle

Portable remake of the 1981 Taito arcade game, converted by Nintendo.

You control a cursor that can trace lines across the play area. When you draw a line that joins with the edges of the play area or another line, the space fills in as a block. The aim is to fill in a percentage of the play area. However, also in the game area is the Qix, a moving radar that destroys you if it touches you or a line you are tracing. Small sparks also follow the lines and destroy you if it collides with your cursor.

You can also connect two copies of the game using the Game Boy Link Cable to play a 2-Player race to complete the puzzle.

Release Information

Region Name Release
Japan クイックス Qix 13 Apr 1990
US Qix May 1990
Europe Qix Sep 1990


System Japan U.S. Europe
Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console 15 Jun 2011 07 Jul 2011 07 Jul 2011


National Mario Scenes

National Mario Scenes

Once you reach 50,000 points and lose your last life you will be treated to a scene of Mario in Mexico. For every 50,000-100,000 points you earn more than that, different scenes set in different nations of the world are shown.

  • 50,000-149,999pts: Mexico Mario
  • 150,000-249,999pts: Africa Mario
  • 250,000-299,999pts: Spain Mario
  • 300,000-349,999pts: India Mario
  • 350,000-399,999pts: China Mario
  • 400,000-499,999pts: England Mario
  • 500,000pts or more: Mario, Luigi, Peach and Toads in a castle

Submitted by Fryguy64

Mario Bros. Multiplayer

Mario Bros. Multiplayer

When you play the 2-Player Mode, Player 1 is Team Mario (the dark cursor) and Player 2 is Team Luigi (light cursor), the heroes of the Mario series. When you win, your Mario brother appears on your screen celebrating, and if you lose your Mario brother stands there doing nothing.

Submitted by Fryguy64

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