Tennis (Game Boy)
System Game Boy
Developer Nintendo
Genre Sport (Tennis)
Series Tennis Series

A portable tennis game for the Game Boy. Hit the ball over the net and past the opponent to score points and win games, sets and matches.

If a player's swing lands outside of the play area on the opponent's side, then that player gets an out and the opponent scores. If a player fails to return a ball before it bounces on the court a second time, then the opponent scores a point. If both players reach 40 points at the same time, then a Deuce is declared, and the players have to play for an advantage.

There are four difficulty levels to choose from, and you can play against a second player by connecting two games with the Game Link cable.

Release Information

Region Name Release
Japan テニス Tennis 29 May 1989
US Tennis Aug 1989
Europe Tennis Sep 1990


System Japan U.S. Europe
Nintendo Power (GB) 01 Mar 2000 - -
Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console 20 Jul 2011 23 Jun 2011 07 Jun 2011


Mario the Umpire

Mario the Umpire

The umpire in the game is Mario. He sits at the side of the court during every game. When there's a fault or an out, Mario's face will appear and shout the verdict. He also appears on the switchover screen.

Submitted by Fryguy64

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