Densetsu no Stafy 3

Densetsu no Stafy 3
System Game Boy Advance
Developer Tose
Genre Action / Platformer
Series The Legendary Starfy Series

Another storm hits Tenkai Palace, and this time the magic jar containing Ogura is destroyed. The King of Tenkai orders Stafy and Kyorosuke to pursue the villain to find out where he's going, but Kyorosuke refuses to do the same thing all over again. Stafy's sister, Stapy, arrives and tries to convince Kyorosuke to go, but she accidentally falls and knocks Stafy and Kyorosuke into the ocean, where their adventure begins again.

Swim through the underwater stages in search of friendly characters, as they often need you to help collect items or defeat enemies.

This time Stafy is joined by Stapy who comes with unique wall kick and crawl abilities. You have to switch between the two characters to solve puzzles.

Release Information

Region Name Release
Japan 伝説のスタフィー3 Densetsu no Stafy 3 05 Aug 2004


Wario Land

Wario Land


At the beginning of World 8, a warp zone appears and Wario drops out. Wario is hunting for treasure, and you have to help him through each level. The levels are heavily based on those from Wario Land 4

  • World 8-1: Set Wario on fire, then from below you must hit the floor to bump Wario towards the fire blocks that stand in the way.
  • World 8-2: Wario is trying to swim down through a flooded tower, but he keeps getting trapped in bubbles. You have to burst the bubbles until he reaches the bottom. The next tower is the opposite - Let Wario stay trapped in a bubble and guide him between the spikes.
  • World 8-3: Hit a Frog Switch, and spend the rest of the level avoiding being crushed by the falling ceiling.
  • World 8-4: You will repeat a lot of the earlier bits of your adventure with Wario here, but you also have to ride on his head as Balloon Wario to reach the top of a tower.

The music that plays during the Wario Land stages is a remix of the main theme from Wario Land 3.

Wario Treasures


When you clear each of the Wario Land stages, you are rewarded with a Wario-themed treasure.

Submitted by Deezer, Grandy02


Screenshot Required

On the minigame select menu, when you switch between the minigames you can briefly see a GameCube, usually hidden by the on-screen icons.

Submitted by Grandy02

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