Densetsu no Stafy

Densetsu no Stafy
System Game Boy Advance
Developer Tose
Genre Action / Platformer
Series The Legendary Starfy Series

Starfy, prince of the sky kingdom of Tenkai, accidentally drops a Magic Jar into the ocean, causing a terrible storm. Starfy is washed from Tenkai Palace and lands in the ocean. There he befriends Lob-san the lobster and Kyorosuke the clam who agree to help Starfy return to Tenkai, but an evil creature named Ogura is determined to prevents Starfy's return.

Starfy will have to travel over land and under the water, using his spin attack to break blocks, defeat enemies and launch himself out of water.

In each stage you will meet a character who needs your help. Clear their tasks to open new areas or move on to the next stage.

Release Information

Region Name Release
Japan 伝説のスタフィー Densetsu no Stafy 06 Sep 2002


System Japan U.S. Europe
Wii U Virtual Console 29 Jul 2015 - -