Korokoro Puzzle: Happy Panechu!

Korokoro Puzzle: Happy Panechu!
System Game Boy Advance
Developer Nintendo
Genre Puzzle

A puzzle game that uses tilt sensor technology. Tilt the Game Boy Advance to slide the colored Panechu around the play area. Match three or more same-colored Panechu and they kiss and disappear with a cry of "Happy!"

Bombs appear to hinder the movement of the Panechu, but match bombs to combine them and make them larger, allowing you to trigger explosions to clear many Panechu at once.

You can also try clearing stages in the Puzzle Mode or try a multiplayer race to clear your Panechu using the GBA Link Cable.

Release Information

Region Name Release
Japan コロコロパズル ハッピィパネッチュ! Korokoro Puzzle: Happy Panechu! 08 Mar 2002