Mario Golf: Advance Tour

Mario Golf: Advance Tour
System Game Boy Advance
Developer Nintendo, Camelot
Genre Golf
Series Super Mario Series / Golf Series

The original handheld Mario Golf featured RPG elements as well as golf, but not quite to the extent of this version. The RPG sections are this time based on Camelot's own series, Golden Sun - sounds effects, expressions and all.

You choose from a number of characters who have arrived at the Marion Club golf course to take part in the Marion Cup. The usual combination of power bars and split-second timing are used to judge your golf swing on the course as you try and sink the ball into the hole within par.

The RPG elements allow you to make your character strong by winning experience points and increasing abilities of your choice. You can then use this character in 2-on-2 battles. If you're using the Japanese version you can even link-up for multiplayer games using the wireless GBA adapter.

Release Information

Region Name Release
Japan マリオゴルフ GBAツアー Mario Golf: GBA Tour 22 Apr 2004
US Mario Golf: Advance Tour 21 Jun 2004
Europe Mario Golf: Advance Tour 17 Sep 2004


System Japan U.S. Europe
Wii U Virtual Console 10 Sep 2014 25 Sep 2014 28 Aug 2014