Rhythm Tengoku

Rhythm Tengoku
System Game Boy Advance
Developer Nintendo
Genre Rhythm-Action
Series Rhythm Heaven Series

Rhythm-action minigame compilation. You are presented with a series of games that require you to keep in time with the music.

If you keep in time within a certain tolerance then you pass the minigame and can move on to the next. They become more difficult, requiring more complex button combinations to stay in tune.

Release Information

Region Name Release
Japan リズム天国 Rhythm Tengoku 03 Aug 2006


Guest Characters



The stick figure that first appeared in the original Play-Yan (a multimedia player for GBA) appears in Stage 4-2: Night Walk. He climbs a staircase against a starry background, much as he did on the Play-Yan user interface.

WarioWare Space Rabbits

WarioWare Space Rabbits

The space rabbits from WarioWare, Inc. appear, and you have to make them dance.

Submitted by YoungLink, MEGAߥTE, Grandy02, screenshots by ville10

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