Wario Land 4

Wario Land 4
System Game Boy Advance
Developer Nintendo
Genre 2D Platformer
Series Super Mario Series

A mysterious Golden Pyramid is discovered, loaded with ancient treasure. Wario heads in, ready to steal as much of the treasure as he can, but he falls deep inside the pyramid where he finds many portals to other worlds.

In each level you have to find Keyser, then trigger the switch to open the exit portal. The switch also activates a time bomb, so Wario has to race to the portal before time is up. Each level also has four puzzle pieces that open the boss chamber and a hidden CD to collect.

Play minigames to earn medals and use them to buy weapons to fight the bosses. Clear all four bosses to open the final challenge.

Release Information

Region Name Release
Japan ワリオランドアドバンス ヨーキのお宝 Wario Land Advance: Yoki no Otakara 21 Aug 2001
Europe Wario Land 4 16 Nov 2001
US Wario Land 4 19 Nov 2001


System Japan U.S. Europe
Wii U Virtual Console 30 Apr 2014 08 May 2014 05 Jun 2014




During the battle with Spoiled Rotten, in the background you can see a TV set with two GameCubes on top. One of facing forward and one is showing the top.

In Japan, this game was released before the launch of the GameCube, making this a pre-release cameo.

Submitted by Grandy02, screenshot by The Qu

Dr. Arewo Shitain

Dr. Arewo Shitain

The old, bearded professor who appears in the bonus rooms and the Wario Hop minigame is Dr. Arewo Shitain from For the Frog the Bell Tolls. He was the head scientist who worked in the Nantendo building. In Wario Land 4 you can throw him around, and he can also sometimes be seen playing a Game Boy Advance.

The same character designer, Tomoyoshi Yamane, worked on both games.

Submitted by Grandy02, The Qu, screenshot by The Qu

Game Boy Advance

Screenshot Required

During the ending, one of the treasures that pops out of the bag is a golden Game Boy Advance.

The respective background art also shows Wario with a lot Game Boy Advances.

Submitted by Grandy02

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