System GameCube
Developer Skip
Genre Action Adventure
Series Chibi-Robo! Series

It's Jenny Sanderson's birthday and you are a gift from her gadget-loving father – a miniature robot named Chibi Robo whose aim is to make the Sanderson family happy.

Unfortunately, the household is anything but happy. Mr. Sanderson has been fired from his job at the toy factory, Mrs. Sanderson is at the end of her tether with the bills, and Jenny Sanderson hasbeen traumatised by her parents arguing, speaking only in frog noises.

The toys in the house also come to life when nobody is around, leading their own lives of misfortune. Chibi-Robo and his sidekick Telly Vision must strive to bring happiness to everybody while watching out that his power supply doesn't run out.

Release Information

Region Name Release
Japan ちびロボ! Chibi-Robo! 23 Jun 2005
US Chibi-Robo! 06 Feb 2006
Europe Chibi-Robo! 26 May 2006


System Japan U.S. Europe
New Play Control! (Wii) 11 Jun 2009 - -


Plankbeard's Treasure

Kid Eggplant

Kid Eggplant

When you are hunting down Plankbeard's treasure, you can find one of them in the garden. Inside is a bizarre character called Kid Eggplant. He is based on Eggplant Man, one of the enemies from NES classic Wrecking Crew.

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The other two Plankbeard treasures are Bandai toys. Bandai was originally going to publish Chibi-Robo! before it went to Nintendo.

  • Primopuel

    A talking black and white toy with a heart on its belly.

  • Tamagotchi

    The original electronic virtual pet.

Submitted by TrustTheFungus, David Dayton, Teisama

Princess Pitts

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The princess doll is named Princess Pitts, a reference to Princess Peach of the Mario series. They both wear a pink dress and play the role of damsel in distress, and the name is a play on a "Peach Pit"

Submitted by Teisama, Old Man Rupee


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The black and white family dog, Tao, first appeared in Giftpia, and is actually based on the pet of Skip game designer, Kenichi Nishi.

Submitted by Da Robot

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