Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix

Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix
System GameCube
Developer Konami
Genre Rhythm-Action
Series Super Mario Series

The legendary Music Keys have been hidden in Truffle Towers for many years. A mysterious figure breaks into the Towers and steals the keys, unleashing the power of dance upon the world. Mario sets out to recover the Music Keys from the mysterious theives.

Packaged with the GameCube Action Pad dance mat controller, you have to move your feet onto the four buttons to match the direction icons as they scroll over each marker. You score based on correct moves and accuracy, allowing you to progress through songs and special minigames.

The music is all remixed Mario songs and classical music. As you reach songs during the game you unlock them to play whenever you like.

Release Information

Region Name Release
Japan Dance Dance Revolution with MARIO 14 Jul 2005
US Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix 24 Oct 2005
Europe Dancing Stage: Mario Mix 28 Oct 2005


Nintendo Music

Screenshot Required

The songs in this game are all remixes of Mario songs and classical music (and, in one case, both).

Submitted by Smashchu, Fryguy64

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