Donkey Kong Jungle Beat

Donkey Kong Jungle Beat
System GameCube
Developer Nintendo
Genre Rhythm-Action / Platformer
Series Donkey Kong Series

DK Island is under attack from a gang of evil Kongs. Donkey Kong sets out to reclaim his rightful position as King of the Jungle by fighting each of the evil Kongs that stands in his way.

You control Donkey Kong with the DK Bongos controller. Hit the left or right bongos to move and clap to jump. Collect Bananas, as these count as both DK's health and level score. Use the environment to throw DK around without touching the ground, providing a score multiplier.

During the battles against the evil Kongs, the game turns into a boxing match. You control each of Donkey Kong's fists with the bongos. Time your dodges by clapping, then pound your enemy into submission.

Release Information

Region Name Release
Japan ドンキーコングジャングルビート Donkey Kong Jungle Beat 16 Dec 2004
Europe Donkey Kong Jungle Beat 04 Feb 2005
US Donkey Kong Jungle Beat 14 Mar 2005


System Japan U.S. Europe
New Play Control! (Wii) 11 Dec 2008 04 May 2009 01 Jun 2009


Nintendo Logos

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The Sweet Paradise stage is set in giant floating blocks of liquid, suspended in the sky. Some of these blocks contain a pattern made up of the Nintendo logo.

Submitted by The Qu

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