System GameCube
Developer n-Space
Genre First Person Shooter

John Raimi, a specialist biological and chemical weapons operative, is sent to the Volks Corporation where a dangerous biological weapon has been discovered. John is captured during the mission and his soul ripped from his body and stored in a virtual world. He escapes, but stuck in ghostly form.

John weakens as time passes, restoring his strength by draining the life from plants or by using his ghostly form to possess objects and creatures. He can only possess scared creatures by haunting nearby objects. Possessing humans gives you access to any weapons they may hold, but you will not always be required to use them.

The game includes a multiplayer deathmatch mode with a wide range of play options.

Release Information

Region Name Release
US Geist 15 Aug 2005
Europe Geist 07 Oct 2005


Samus Helmet & GameCube

Screenshot Required

In the ladies changing room, one of the lockers contains Samus Aran's helmet from the Metroid series. Another lockers contains a GameCube.

Submitted by Aquatics64, Geoffrey Keegan, TrustTheFungus


Screenshot Required

In the lounge area you can see a NES and SNES under the TV.

Submitted by TrustTheFungus

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