System GameCube
Developer Skip
Genre Action / Adventure

On Nanaji Island it is custom to hold a coming of age ceremony before a child can pass into adulthood. A young boy named Pockle sleeps through his own ceremony, and is fined by Mayer the mayor for 5 million Mane. Now Pockle must work off his debt and find a way to come of age.

At first, Pockle is shackled as he is under arrest. As he completes tasks and earns money, he will be given more freedom. Pockle also learns that if he can help the islanders' dreams come true, he can pass into adulthood.

The player is also responsible for making sure Pockle eats and returns home before nightfall.

Release Information

Region Name Release
Japan GiFTPiA 25 Apr 2003



Screenshot Required

Tao, the black and white dog who appears in the game, is based on the dog of Skip employee Kenichi Nichi.

Submitted by Da Robot

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