1080°: Avalanche

1080°: Avalanche
System GameCube
Developer Nintendo Software Technology
Genre Snowboarding
Series 1080°: TenEighty Snowboarding Series

A snowboarding game with perilous races down mountains. Each race features unique obstacles, such as wildlife, collapsing bridges or avalanches, requiring you to think fast to reach the finish line.

Charge your Jump Meter to gain more air, allowing you to pull off stunts using button combinations, gaining a little speed.

Race to the finish line in Match Race, slalom through gates within the time limit in Gate Challenge, aim for the best times in Time Challenge, or pull off stunts for the high score in Stunt Mode. You can also play with 2-4 players splitscreen or through LAN play with the GameCube Modem/Broadband Connector.

Release Information

Region Name Release
Europe 1080°: Avalanche 28 Nov 2003
US 1080°: Avalanche 01 Dec 2003
Japan テン・エイティ シルバーストーム 1080°: Silver Storm 22 Jan 2004


Wave Race: Blue Storm Logo

Wave Race: Blue Storm logo

On the Title Screen, press START to enter the Options Cabin. As the camera swings through the open window, you can see the Wave Race: Blue Storm logo above the window. It is usually hidden behind menu options, so moving to and from the title screen is the best way to see it.

Submitted by Fryguy64

Mario Ice Sculpture

Mario ice sculpture

On the Angel Light: Midnight City course, you can see a giant ice sculpture of Mario during the introductory sweep over the level. You come across it again when you cross the finish line.

Submitted by Fryguy64

Snowboard Designs

Old School Bonus Board

Old School Bonus Board

The second Bonus Board you can unlock is a replica of the NES Controller. Jump to hear a Mario jump noise or land heavily to hear a cannon noise, both from Super Mario Bros. 3.

In the Japanese version, the Old School board appears as a Famicom controller.

GCN board


One of Rob Haywood's secret boards, unlocked by collecting two Time Trial coins. The pattern is a purple and grey pattern made out of the GameCube logo.

8-Bit Soul board

8-Bit Soul

Ricky Winterborn's "8-Bit Soul" board is unlocked by collecting 9 Time Trial coins. The top side features a pixellated pattern with the name of the board, while the underside has a sprite of Mario taken from Super Mario Bros. 3. Ironically, the sprite is actually from the 16-bit remake in Super Mario All-Stars.

When you collect all 18 Time Trial Coins, you will unlock new designs for the boards. The alternate 8-Bit Soul snowboard now features Luigi instead of Mario.

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Once Bitten

The alternate design for Akari's "Once Bitten" board features the GameCube and 1080° logos on the top, and "GameCube" written on the underside.

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The alternate design for Kemen's "Scaretactix" board has a large Nintendo logo on the underside.

Submitted by Fryguy64, Pener

High Score Names

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Many of the default high scores are references to various things. You enter three characters for each high score, and put together they spell out a full word.

Gate Challenge

Stage #1 #2 #3
Aspen Lake Dam: Grits N' Gravy GAM E C UBE
Easy Life: Revolution Cliff POW CUR WIS
Aspen Lake Dam: Rotted Ridge ETE RNA L D
Ride Easy Railways: Dazzlin' Teaser MET ROI D P
Frozen Melee: Wi's Thicket HRE WE GO!
Easy Life: Tenderfoot Pass /
Angel Light: Sid's Night Midi

Time Trial

Stage #1 #2 #3
Easy Life: Tenderfoot Pass WE LUV GCN
Easy Life: Evolution Riff MAR IO BRO
Ride Easy Railways: Dazzlin' Teaser BOW SER RLZ
Easy Life: Powder Threat NST RED WA
Easy Life: Revolution Cliff LNG LIV NST


Stage #1 #2 #3
Trick: Half-Pipe WHO ARE YOU

There are also references to some of the licensed bands who play during the game, the brands that advertised in the game, and even Mt. Baker, where research for the game was carried out.

Submitted by Korre

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