Wario World

Wario World
System GameCube
Developer Treasure
Genre Action / Platformer
Series Super Mario Series

When Wario finished building his castle, he loaded all of his treasure into the basement, unaware that a black jewel he had stolen contained an ancient evil. Wario's treasure is turned into monsters, and the castle is broken into rubble. If Wario wants his treasure and his castle back, he has to fight his way through several worlds and destroy the black jewel.

Wario has to bash enemies and use them as weapons or weights for switches. If Wario takes damage he can replenish his hearts with Garlic.

Each world has eight treasure chests, eight secret areas containing red crystals and gold statue parts and five spritelings. Find them all and take on the bosses to open the way to the black jewel.

Release Information

Region Name Release
Europe Wario World 20 Jun 2003
US Wario World 23 Jun 2003
Japan ワリオワールド Wario World 27 May 2004


Nintendo System Treasures

Nintendo System Treasures

The final treasure to be found in the second stage of each world is a Nintendo system:

  1. Excitement Central: Greenhorn Ruins – NES
  2. Spooktastic World: Wonky Circus – Nintendo 64
  3. Thrillsville: Beanstalk Way – Game Boy Advance
  4. Sparkle Land: Pecan Sands – GameCube

Submitted by TrustTheFungus

WarioWare Microgames

WarioWare Games

When you find all 8 treasure chests in a stage, a card featuring one of the characters from WarioWare Inc.: Mega Microgames will appear in front of the giant treasure chest in the hubworld. The cards that appear are: Wario, Jimmy T, 9-Volt, Mona, Kat, Orbulon, Dr. Crygor and Dribble. If you hit one of the cards, the game will download a set of demo microgames to a Game Boy Advance connected using the GCN-GBA Link Cable.

Submitted by Fryguy64

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