System Game & Watch (Micro VS.)
Developer Nintendo
Genre Action

A 2-player boxing game. Each player can punch high and low or dodge. When a boxer takes three hits, they are forced to take a step backwards. When they take three hits on the far side of the screen, they are knocked out.

Each boxer has a stamina meter that starts at 50, losing 1 point when punched, 3 points when forced backwards, 5 points for the first knockdown in a round, 6 for the second knockdown and 7 for the third and every knockdown after.

There are 9 rounds with no knockdown limit. The game ends when one player is KO'd with zero stamina, or when the players reach the end of the 9th round.

Release Information

Region Name Release
Japan ボクシング Boxing 31 Jul 1984
US Boxing 31 Jul 1984
Europe Boxing 31 Jul 1984

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