System Game & Watch (Gold)
Developer Nintendo
Genre Action

The construction workers are trying to get from the building to the shed, but tools are raining down from above.

Move each construction worker from the building on the left to the shed on the right without being hit by the falling tools. The shed door closes sometimes, so you have to move back and forth. The longer each worker spends outside, the more tools fall.

You score 1 point for dodging three tools, and 5 points for each construction worker who enters the shed.

Release Information

Region Name Release
Japan ヘルメット Helmet 21 Feb 1981
US Helmet 21 Feb 1981
Europe Helmet 21 Feb 1981


System Japan U.S. Europe
DSiWare 29 Jul 2009 05 Apr 2010 09 Apr 2010

Also available to play in:

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Game Modes

Game A

Tools fall at a constant speed.

Game B

The speed of the tools increases as play progresses. The door to the shed also remains open for progressively shorter amounts of time.