System Game & Watch (Gold)
Developer Nintendo
Genre Action

There are four open manholes in the road, but only one manhole cover. Stop the pedestrians from falling into the sewers by moving the manhole cover around.

Using the four buttons, you must move the manhole cover to the four open manholes to catch all of the pedestrians. You score 1 point for every pedestrian you save. If 3 pedestrians fall into the sewer then the game ends.

Release Information

Region Name Release
Japan マンホール Manhole 27 Jan 1981
US Manhole 27 Jan 1981
Europe Manhole 27 Jan 1981


System Japan U.S. Europe
Game & Watch New Wide Screen 24 Aug 1983 24 Aug 1983 24 Aug 1983
Game Boy Advance Card-e Reader 27 Jun 2003 16 Sep 2002 -
DSiWare 19 Aug 2009 05 Apr 2010 09 Apr 2010

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Game Modes

Game A

The number of pedestrians increases as you play, up to a maximum of 10. Every 100 points the number of pedestrians temporarily decreases.

Game B

The walking speed of the pedestrians also increases as you play, and decreases temporarily every 100 points.