Mario Bros.

Mario Bros. (Game & Watch)
System Game & Watch (Multi Screen)
Developer Nintendo
Genre Action
Series Super Mario Series

Mario and Luigi have a job in a bottling factory. Move them independently between the three levels of conveyor belts to catch the boxes of bottles and move them to a higher conveyor. When the boxes reach the top-left then they are loaded onto a truck. You score 1 point for every box caught by a brother, and 10 points for every truck loaded with 8 cases.

If a box is dropped then the foreman gets angry and you get a miss. Three misses and the game ends. When you reach 300 points one miss is cleared. If you have no misses at 300 points then Chance Time begins, and all points are worth double until you get a miss.

Release Information

Region Name Release
Japan マリオブラザーズ Mario Bros. 14 Mar 1983
US Mario Bros. 14 Mar 1983
Europe Mario Bros. 14 Mar 1983

Also available to play in:

Game Boy Color Game & Watch Gallery 3
Game Boy Advance Game & Watch Gallery 4

Game Modes

Game A and Game B play the same, but Game B is faster and more difficult.