Mario's Bombs Away

Mario's Bombs Away
System Game & Watch (Panorama Screen)
Developer Nintendo
Genre Action
Series Super Mario Series

Mario is in the army and has to carry a bomb from his buddy on the left to another buddy on the right. As he goes, enemies try to use torches to light the bomb, while the Heavy Smoker's discarded cigar butts set fire to the oil spill beneath Mario's feet.

Mario has to move the bomb up and down to dodge all the flames. He gets 1 point for each step to the right, 5 bombs for delivering the bomb and 10 points for dropping five bombs on the enemy. If the bomb fuse is lit then you get a miss. Three misses and the game ends.

Release Information

Region Name Release
Japan マリオズ・ボン・アウェイ Mario's Bombs Away 10 Nov 1983
US Mario's Bombs Away 10 Nov 1983
Europe Mario's Bombs Away 10 Nov 1983

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