Mario's Cement Factory

Mario's Cement Factory
System Game & Watch (Color Screen Tabletop)
Developer Nintendo
Genre Action
Series Super Mario Series

Cement is being fed into hoppers from chutes at the top of the screen. Mario has to move up and down on the moving platforms to pull the levers on the hoppers, passing the cement to the waiting trucks below.

Each hopper can only hold three loads of cement before spilling over onto the truck drivers. Keep moving and don't let any of the hoppers overflow.

If a hopper spills, or if Mario falls or gets crushed by the moving platforms then you receive a miss.

Release Information

Region Name Release
Japan マリオズ・セメントファクトリー Mario's Cement Factory 28 Apr 1983
US Mario's Cement Factory 28 Apr 1983
Europe Mario's Cement Factory 28 Apr 1983


System Japan U.S. Europe
Game & Watch New Wide Screen 16 Jun 1983 16 Jun 1983 16 Jun 1983
Nintendo Mini Classics - 1998 1998
DSiWare 19 Aug 2009 22 Mar 2010 26 Mar 2010

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