Popeye (Color Screen)

Popeye (Game & Watch Color)
System Game & Watch (Color Screen Tabletop)
Developer Nintendo
Genre Action
Series Popeye Series

Bluto has tied up Olive Oyl, but Popeye arrives on the dock to fight him. Advance on Bluto and hit the attack button to knock Bluto backwards, and if he hits back then Popeye moves backwards. The aim is to knock Bluto to the edge of the pier and into the ocean.

When Bluto is knocked back you score 2 points. Knocking Bluto into the ocean scores 5 points. Freeing Olive Oyl gives you 15 bonus points.

Release Information

Region Name Release
US Popeye 17 Aug 1983
Europe Popeye 17 Aug 1983


System Japan U.S. Europe
Game & Watch Panorama Screen 30 Aug 1983 30 Aug 1983 30 Aug 1983