System Game & Watch (Color Screen Tabletop)
Developer Nintendo
Genre Action
Series Snoopy Series

Schroeder is playing the piano, and the notes are floating up to where Woodstock is sleeping. As Snoopy, move left and right and hit the notes out of the air with the hammer. You can only hit a note that is the same colour as the platform you are standing on. If Snoopy goes too far to the left or right then he falls off the platforms.

You score score 1 point for each note hit. As the game progresses, more notes rise up the screen. Every 100 points, Lucy wakes up and kicks Schroeder's piano, slowing down the action. If you let a note wake up Woodstock or if Snoopy falls off a platform then you get a miss. Three misses and the game ends. When you reach 300 points any misses you have are cleared. If you have no misses then Chance Time begins, and all notes are worth 2 points until a miss is recorded.

Release Information

Region Name Release
Japan スヌーピー Snoopy 05 Jul 1983
US Snoopy 05 Jul 1983
Europe Snoopy 05 Jul 1983


System Japan U.S. Europe
Game & Watch Panorama Screen 30 Aug 1983 30 Aug 1983 30 Aug 1983

Game Modes

Game A

Three lines of notes rise up the screen.

Game B

Four lines of notes rise up the screen.